Beetle Mini rice cooker

Short Description:

Model Number YX-1220B

Voltage 220V

Power 200W

Frequency 50Hz

Capacity 1.2L

Cooking time About 40min

Product function Cooking rice, soup, porridge, noodles, cake, etc

Product Detail

Product Tags


Mini portable rice cooker

1.2L delicate capacity

Steamed, boiled, stewed

Intelligent reservation

1.2L delicate capacity

Cook 4 bowls of rice slowly

Stainless steel steaming plate

Food grade 304 steel, safe for steaming


Nano ceramic glaze liner

16 items of natural mineral materials are used to detect no heavy metals

Easy to clean

Steam vent

Fully exhaust to prevent excessive internal pressure

Fully sealed and cleanable pot cover

Tight sealing ring, realizing micro pressure and convenient cleaning

Heating chassis

Uniform heating, fast cooking

Please insert the power cord in place

Power cord connector

Embedded design, safe and waterproof


Product model YX-1220B

Rated voltage 220V~

Rated power 200W

Rated frequency 50Hz

Rated capacity 1.2L

The cooking time is about 40min

The product is good at cooking, soup, congee, noodles, cakes, etc

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