34 Thanksgiving Air Fryer Recipes That Will Surprise Your Relatives

We love Thanksgiving, but aside from turkey and pie crusts, there aren’t many crunchy items on the traditional menu. (Actually, between stuffing, cranberry sauce, pasta, cheese, and sweet potato casserole, most foods come out bland or mushy.) But fear not: If there’s air in the fryer, it’s an easy fix. . Read on for 34 Thanksgiving air fryer recipes, including appetizers, side dishes, a main course, and even dessert.
With breadcrumbs, these palms are creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside to get the party started. The key to getting crisp without frying? “Spray the basket with nonstick spray before putting them in, and then spray the wedges once more before you start to cook them,” writes Bitz & Giggles founder Sara Zenner. “Spray the basket with nonstick spray before putting them in, and then spray the wedges once more before you start to cook them,” writes Bitz & Giggles founder Sara Zenner. «Сбрызните корзину антипригарным спреем перед тем, как положить ее, а затем еще раз обрызгайте дольки, прежде чем начать их готовить», — пишет основатель Bitz & Giggles Сара Зеннер. “Spray the basket with non-stick spray before you put it down, and then spray the wedges again before you start cooking,” writes Bitz & Giggles founder Sarah Zenner. Bitz & Giggles 创始人Sara Zenner 写道:“在放入之前用不粘喷雾喷洒篮子,然后在开始烹饪之前再次喷洒楔子。” Bitz & Giggles 创始人Sara Zenner 写道:” «Сбрызните корзину антипригарным спреем перед тем, как положить в нее, а затем еще раз сбрызните дольки перед тем, как начать готовить», — пишет основатель Bitz & Giggles Сара Зеннер. “Spray the basket with non-stick spray before putting it in, and then spray the wedges again before you start cooking,” writes Bitz & Giggles founder Sarah Zenner.
Decadent cream cheese cuts through the chilling spicy chilli. Serve individually with toothpicks for easy eating by your guests, or serve with a warm nacho cheese plate for dipping.
This sweet and savory appetizer is filled with cinnamon, butter and pumpkin pie spice. Use store-bought seasonings or make your own (promising is easier than you think).
We love you, store-bought pizza dough. Dip them in ketchup, Dijon mustard, marinara sauce or nothing – they’re delicious no matter what.
When in doubt, chips and dips will never let you down. May we suggest pairing this three-ingredient gem with savory bacon guacamole or spicy avocado hummus?
Use them to garnish your famous pumpkin soup, sprinkle them on fall salads, or simply serve them in bowls for your relatives to eat their hearts out. “One of the tricks to making crispy chickpeas is to make sure they are completely dry before adding olive oil and spices,” says Cathy, recipe developer (and Noble Pig). “I always rinse the chickpeas and dry them on paper towels before blotting the top with paper towels.”
Don’t forget to save leftovers for Black Friday brunch (we plan to add sausage, cheddar cheese, and crumbled egg to breakfast).
A hearty and tasty snack that is ready in ten minutes? Call it the miracle of thanksgiving. Serve the shrimp with plenty of lemon wedges for sprinkling.
If you have relatives who eat ketchup, look no further. There are enough eggs to hold the meatballs together, so you can omit the breadcrumbs if you like.
If you’re only serving a few people, there’s no need to mess around with the whole bird. The brisket alone will provide you and your guests with enough meat (plus leftovers).
Hey, not everyone likes Thanksgiving turkey. Mixing things up while serving this seasonal seafood recipe might just be the ticket. I bet you now have all the ingredients in your kitchen except salmon.
If you’re looking for the same impressive look as a whole turkey but want to shrink it down, chicken is your next best option. This one is flavored with only EVOO and dry spices.
Unless you’re selling chicken or turkey, beef will always be a hit, especially during the colder months. Before cooking, the chuck roast is marinated overnight with fresh citrus juice, soy sauce, and some pantry produce.
Dark meat lovers, rejoice. You’ll be able to move on to the main event in 45 minutes, so when you put your feet in the fryer, get all sides ready to heat up.
Thanksgiving dinner for two has never been so delicious. Pair lemon butter lobster with a flawless grilled steak to double the fun of surfing and lawn sports.
Think thin, tender chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, cream cheese, parmesan and jalapenos. Crispy bacon only decorates the lily.
If your family prefers white meat, this simple recipe, which takes only ten minutes to prepare, is almost flawless. If you have an air fryer with a basket, be sure to flip the tenderloin while cooking. This ensures even cooking,” says Laurie of Fork to Spoon, who created the recipe.
Serve it with spicy red onion and spicy balsamic vinegar to liven up a staple veggie side dish. Mix sprouts with pecans, crumbled goat cheese, and crushed red pepper flakes for even more flavor (and texture).
Your favorite winter squash will look brand new when topped with five spices.
Choose from plain, sweet brown sugar, spicy bacon, Indian, and mixed varieties. Wherever you go, carrots go with just about everything.
Skip the usual canned cookies and opt for soft, crumbly cornbread. Serve slices with honey, butter and diced peppers.
Any appetizer with that much cheese is sure to be a hit. Put the macaroni and cheese forward and let it cool, ready to be molded for Turkey Day.
They’re garlicky and cheesy, filled with fresh and dried herbs – what’s not to love? The only thing that makes them tastier is a dash of hot gravy.
It only takes a few staples and 20 minutes to turn these Bella babes into a drool-worthy plate.
Homemade shawarma spice mix (a mixture of dried oregano, cinnamon, and other hot spices) can be used on just about any protein or vegetable you have on hand.
This recipe only calls for two basic seasonings, but we bet this sweet pumpkin flavor is incredible with anything from maple syrup to chili chips.
The filling is as important as the bird on our holiday table. Replace Italian pork sausage with chicken or turkey or garnish with dried cranberries.
You can style them with butter and honey, but we won’t blame you for sticking to tradition and going the mini marshmallow route.
Treating this fall couldn’t be easier. The apples are topped with crushed graham crackers for texture.
All the flavor and gooey decadence of a walnut tart, but easier to make. Be sure to warm them up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (we think you already know this).
It’s time for pears to stop living in the shade of apples. Top them off with whipped cream, pralines, or half a fig.
It’s cinnamon season, including those little frosting dough pieces. Please pass me the chocolate caramel sauce.
If turkey and all the accessories don’t fill you up, these heavenly caramel pockets are sure to do the trick. (Tip: To make this dish as flavorful as possible, buy 10-inch flatbreads. Cathy says they’re easiest to roll up and stuff.)
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