Change the way you cook with the new Tayama induction cooktop

Almost every cooktop uses a gas (open flame) or electric coil to provide the heat needed for cooking.Looking at your kitchen now, I bet your stove uses one of these two methods of producing heat.But there’s another, possibly better option: induction.
This Tayama induction cooker uses induction to heat the pan that comes with it.How does this work?By turning on the cooktop, an electric current flows through it and creates a magnetic field.Even though it looks red to the touch, the burner doesn’t actually give off any heat, but instead causes molecular motion when it touches the pan.
This movement then quickly heats the pan.The cooker itself gets hot, not the actual burner.There are two main reasons for this: it heats up faster than a traditional cooktop, and it’s also safer than a traditional cooktop because the burners don’t get as hot.
The Tayama induction cooktop produces up to 1500 watts of power to heat cookware, and the included shabu-shabu is the perfect way to use it.It has eight different cooking modes and power settings to help ensure anything you cook turns out perfectly every time.
Recall that I said above that this technology works by creating a magnetic field that disturbs the molecules of the cooker.This means it will not work with non-magnetic cookware such as aluminium, glass or copper.But if you can stick magnets to your pots and pans, they’ll work perfectly with induction cooktops like this.

Post time: Jul-18-2022