Mini rice cooker

Today, I will share with you how to purchase a mini rice cooker. First, use a picture to summarize


The capacity of the mini rice cooker is usually below 3L.

For single use, it is recommended to select below 2L;

If it is a small family, you can choose 3L, and 1~5 people can use it.

The advantage of small capacity is obvious, that is, cooking on the same day and eating on the same day can keep the rice fresh and delicious.

There are two heating methods for rice cookers: chassis heating and IH electromagnetic heating.

At present, the heating mode of most electric rice cookers in China is chassis heating. The heat is transferred to the liner through the heating plate at the bottom, and then transferred to the rice through the liner. Although the cost of this bottom-up heating mode is low, it is prone to uneven heating, which affects the taste of rice.

In order to solve this problem, some merchants upgraded the common chassis to the arc chassis.

While expanding the heating area, it also improves the heating speed, which not only controls the cost, but also makes up for the shortage of chassis heating.

IH electromagnetic heating is a concept that has become popular in recent years.

An electromagnetic coil is incorporated into the inner liner and the body of the rice cooker, and the liner is directly heated after the alternating current is connected. This heating method is fast and uniform, which can well stimulate the aroma of rice and improve the taste of rice.


The first generation IH electromagnetic heating only places the electromagnetic coil at the bottom, and the heating efficiency is limited;

Today’s second-generation IH electromagnetic heating technology uses a combination of multiple coils,

That is to say, electromagnetic coils are added at the bottom, around and even at the top of the tank, so the heating efficiency is higher.

However, rice cookers with IH electromagnetic heating are usually sold at a higher price and are rare among domestic brands. If you are interested in this heating method, you can give priority to the imported Japanese brands, such as Panasonic, Tiger, Toshiba, etc.

The structure of the liner is divided into two levels, one is the shape of the liner, and the other is the material of the liner.

According to the most common mini rice cooker on the market at present, there are two types of liner shapes: ordinary cylindrical and spherical cauldron.

The difference between the two can be seen from the picture, one is flat bottom, the other is arc bottom.

When heated, the former can only roll up and down, while the latter can form a circulating roll, with a wider heating area, making the rice taste more Q elastic and fragrant.

The material of the inner liner is the key factor to judge whether the rice cooker is good or not. It is divided into aluminum, iron, stainless steel, ceramic and composite multi material inner liners.

Aluminum liner has the advantages of light weight, fast heat conduction and low cost, but this material is harmful to human health to a certain extent, so it is not recommended to use;

The iron liner is evenly heated and more durable, but the cost is high and the heat conduction speed is relatively slow;

Stainless steel liner has multiple advantages, but it is easy to stick to the pan when using, which makes cleaning more difficult;

The ceramic liner is safe and easy to use. It is rich in various mineral elements, and the cooked rice is more sweet, but it is easy to bump when using, and the weight is large, so it is not convenient to take;

Composite multi material liner is the most widely used one on the market at present. It combines the advantages of various materials to achieve the effect of learning from each other. Like Midea’s “black crystal liner” and Supor’s “ceramic crystal liner”, both belong to composite multi material liner, and user feedback is very good.

Functional diversity is the most important point for many people when purchasing electric rice cookers. If you can replace more kitchen appliances with a mini electric rice cooker, you can improve the utilization rate. However, with the increase of functions, the price of rice cookers will also increase, which depends on personal needs.

Briefly introduce some functions that I think are more practical:

Although the regular appointment function is very common, I think it is very necessary. Especially for children who have little spare time, they can make an appointment to cook porridge before going to bed at night. The next morning, they can have a hot breakfast. Before going out, they can make an appointment to cook. They can simply stir fry a dish when they go home, saving time and trouble.

People who have used electric rice cookers know that the lid is the most easy place to hide dirt, so it becomes a great advantage to remove and wash. Regular cleaning can avoid the generation of odor, which is more hygienic and healthy.


Yogurt lovers can see that the rice cooker with the function of yoghurt fermentation can save you a lot of money. Especially for partners who are losing weight, making yoghurt by themselves can also control the sugar content, and it is more hygienic and nutritious. You can also use yoghurt to DIY some desserts,

In addition to the functions I mentioned, the rice cooker can also be used to cook soup and desserts, which will be shown in the product interface. You can consider it comprehensively according to your needs.

Whether it is a mini rice cooker or an ordinary rice cooker, we recommend that you buy a big brand. On the one hand, it is more stable in quality control, and on the other hand, you don’t need to worry about after-sales problems. After all, the safety of this electrical appliance is the most important thing. At present, the proportion of brands of rice cookers on the market is as follows:

Taking all factors into consideration, I recommend that you give priority to domestic brands. The quality is good and the price is beautiful, and the cost performance ratio is higher. If you are really interested in foreign brands, you must choose formal channels to purchase, and avoid buying counterfeit goods.

For your reference, I made a comparative analysis according to different price ranges, and selected the mini rice cookers under different budgets for analysis.

The mini rice cooker below RMB yuan only has the basic cooking function, which is more suitable for young people with insufficient conditions and tight finances to use during the transition period. Two more representative ones are simply recommended.


I sorted out the models worth buying in the table, and click to view the large picture:

1. Tiantai tt-y83-3l

Capacity: 3L Power: Function: cooking

Highlight: Midea’s electric rice cooker is the first choice for renters. Its 3L capacity can meet the needs of 1~5 people. The one touch operation is simple and fast. It has four functions. Opening the lid will not make it wet everywhere, and there is no need to worry about the overflow of porridge.Enough to meet daily needs.

2. Jiuyang-F-

Capacity: 3L Power:

Functions: appointment, removable inner cover, cooking progress bar

Recommended reason: The micro pressure cooking technology is the biggest highlight of this electric cooker. The design of the micro pressure steam valve can reduce the outflow of water vapor and keep the taste of rice sweet and soft. In addition, this electric cooker uses a metal body, which is suitable for a small family of three with a 3L capacity design.

3. Supor-

Capacity: 1.5L Power:

Functions: cooking, steaming, cooking hot pot

Highlight: This electric cooker wins by its appearance. The appearance of Doraemon co branded rice cooker is very impressive. Although there is only one button, this traditional old electric cooker has a unique advantage, that is, it is more convenient to use. It can not only cook and steam vegetables, but also be used to make hot pot. Its power is relatively small, and it is very suitable for dormitories.

Post time: Nov-10-2022