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If I move again, it will be in an urn.My house looks like a used furniture store and my dining room looks like an exploding Fingerhut truck.
But I’m trying to cook and have fun getting to know my 30 year old induction cooktop and crock pot.
Finding the recipe to share with you today might have been a challenge until I poked around in the box and found a delightful cookbook “Taste of the Tower” written in 2001 by the Broadway Mansion Residents Association.This is a treasure trove of recipe choices if you have a saucepan and a mini fridge.I’ll admit to having to adapt the recipe to my current situation, so I’ll share the original and “make do” versions.
Refrigerate all beverages.In a pitcher, combine grape juice, sugar and lemon juice.Stir until sugar dissolves.Cover and cool.Before serving, add soda water and fruit slices.Serve with ice.Makes 7 cups.
I used white grape juice, fresh lemon juice and 7-up.If I have room in my mini fridge, I’ll add a slice of fresh peaches and a large strawberry.
Add lemon juice, sugar and salt to the mashed bananas.Stir well.Whip the whipped cream until stiff, then stir into the banana mixture.Cool for at least an hour.Serve in sherbet cups.If desired, top with half a slice of pecans or center cherries.
I sliced ​​the bananas and used an 8 oz box of Extra Creamy Cool Whip whip.I can’t find my salt.
Add beef, onion soup mixture, and cream of mushroom soup to a saucepan.You don’t need to roast the meat separately.
You all know I prefer to make my own cream with whatever the recipe calls for.I absolutely cringe at the sodium content in dry soup mixes.This recipe is going to be my favorite.The meat is tender and the gravy is divine.
I used a small chuck roast.My crockpot has a wok so I brown the roast on both sides.I served potato wedges cooked in water with butter.
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Post time: Jul-21-2022