Portable deluxe electric Mini Rice Cooker with low price

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Intelligent cooking, automatic heat preservation, 24-hour appointment, convenient handle, three-dimensional heating. Product accessories: (power cord, measuring cup, rice spoon, steamer)

1.non-stick coating
2.compact and easy to  store
3.1.6 capacity
4.10 major function options
5.preset function
6.for car

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Non-stick coating
Compact and easy to store
1.6L capacity
10 major function options
Preset function
For car

Tiantai mini rice cooker has the function of fast cooking. The specially designed sensor accelerates the cooking time to 30 minutes, which is an excellent choice to save time.


Product name:Minirice cooker
Productmodel:TT-982-2C Voltage:24V

LED display
Operation interface ata glance easy to use touch operation


Cooking water level The water injection
volumeis clear and the proportion is precisely controlled

Rotate the handle to. open the lid Portable handle rotatinghandleto open cover

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