kitchen 3 Cup Multifunctional Rice Cooker with high quality

Short Description:

Healthy low-sugar rice, double drain filter, smart touch screen, multi-function menu, 24-hour appointment, easy disassembly and assembly of the inner cover and upper cover, easy to clean
Product accessories: (power cord, measuring cup, rice spoon, metal desugar plate)

1,five function of whole grains
3.small and easy to store
4.temperature sensing
5.touch operation
6.preset time

Product Detail

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Professional rice cooker

Pre programmed setting of boiled white rice, brown rice, coarse cereals

Fast rice, slow cooking, porridge, perfect in texture,

Taste, and aroma.

Low Sugar Cooking
Six Functions
Small And Easy to Store
Temperature Sensing
Touch Operation
Preset Time


Easy to use and clean

LED intelligent digital panel display, easy to read and use. With non stick inner pot, removable steam port and inner cover, it is easy to remove and reinstall for cleaning.

Stereo Heating Elastic Taste For Rice

Stereo Heating
The Rice Is Heated Evenly


Small size and large capacity

3 liters capacity, can produce 3 to 6 cups of rice. This mini low sugar rice cooker is small in size, suitable for small families, and easy to store and use.

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